Herbs resources (protected and outdoor)

AHDB Horticulture funded an extensive programme of research on many aspects of commercial protected and outdoor herb production. The available reports and resources are listed below. 


Glasshouse whitefly and leafhoppers in protected herbs: options for control within IPM programmes

Identification and management of nematodes in field crops

Life cycle and identification of crop damage caused by the willow–carrot aphid

Managing rabbit problems associated with horticulture

Rodent control on farms

Research project FV 330: Field-grown herbs: evaluation of a mechanical method for the cultural control of leafhoppers

Research project FV 371: Establishment of best agronomic practice towards minimising pesticide residues on herbs and speciality produce

Research project FV 371a: Establishment of best agronomic practice towards minimising pesticide residues on herbs, rocket and babyleaf salad crops

Research project PC 178: Protected herbs - control of glasshouse whitefly and leafhoppers within IPM programmes

Research project PE 006: Protected herbs: improved biological control of aphids

Research project PE 006a: Protected herbs: improved biological control of aphids

Research project PC 239 & PC 239a: Protected herbs; ornamentals and celery: development of an on-nursery rearing system for Atheta coriaria for reduced cost biological control of sciarid and shore flies


Research project CP 205 : WP6 Optimising bioprotectants for herbs IPM

Bacterial blight

Coriander bacterial blight

Septoria blight of parsley

Research project FV 318: Outdoor herbs: Integrated management of parsley Septoria and coriander blight

Research project FV 403: The potential of the coriander bacterial blight pathogen to infect parsley

Downy mildew

Downy mildew of basil

Research project FV 390: Outdoor herbs: epidemiology and control of downy mildew in sage, parsley, mint and basil under protection

Research project PE 024: Basil: Improving knowledge and Control of Downy Mildew in protected and outdoor crops

Research project PE 024a: Basil - improving knowledge and control of downy mildew in protected and outdoor crops (seed transmission and metalaxyl resistance)

Research project CP 157: A review of management and control options available for aerial oomycetes

Research project CP 184: Aerial Oomycetes Cultural Control Review

Research project CP 184: Downy Mildew & Late Blight Control


Research project FV 381: Herbs: a survey into the prevalence and severity of Itersonilia spp. in UK crops

Research project FV 381a: Itersonilia spp- A survey into its prevalence and severity in UK herb crops


Research project FV 247: The causes and prevention of oedema (lesions) in herbs

Rust and powdery mildew

Research project FV 114: Culinary herbs: control of rust and powdery mildew


Research project FV 006: Control of crown rot in parsley

Crop protection - weeds

Research project FV 245: Herbs - Evaluation of herbicides to fill identified gaps, resulting from the EC review of pesticides


Food safety

How to keep fresh produce safe to eat

Monitoring microbial food safety of fresh produce

Video: Webinar - Microbials - Keeping it clean

Video: Webinar - Disinfecting irrigation water for use on fresh produce

Research project FV 424: Review of groundsel (Senecio vulgaris) and other plant species contaminating leafy salad and herb crops in the UK and their acceptable levels of contamination in harvested salad for human consumption

Flavour, shelf life and quality

Optimising flavour in herbs

Research project FV 290: Herbs: Pre- and post-harvest factors affecting shelf life, flavour, yield and quality

Research project FV 331: Understanding coriander bolting: learning from grower experience

Research project FV/PE 455: Herbs - Eliciting the phytochemical basis of flavour to recommend agronomic practice for improved and consistent characteristics

Research project PE 010: Inducing compact growth and improved shelf life in herbs by mimicking drought signals

Labour and skills

Edible horticulture skills survey

Video: Webinar - Operating in a reduced labour market

Video: Webinar - Using LEAN techniques to improve labour efficiency in horticulture

Video: Webinar - Using your time effectively

Nutrient management

Introduction to fertigation

Research project FV 359: Nutrient requirements for field grown herbs


Vegetable seed quality, storage and handling


How to count earthworms

Measuring soil nutrients, pH and organic matter

Video: The worm count test

Video: How to conduct a quick assessment of your soils

Video: Webinar - Soil health for horticulture

Video: Webinar - Soil health improvement – Cover crops and organic amendments


Establishing a resilient water supply

Protecting the water supply for your crops

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