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Following levy payers’ votes in 2021 on the future of the statutory levy, AHDB activity in the horticulture and potatoes sectors was wound down.

This website hosts the important legacy of technical and historic market information produced from many previous years of levy investment.  Here you will find an archive of information, guides, reports, resources, tools and data collated from the work funded by the horticulture and potato levies.  This includes projects that complete in 2024 which were continued to completion rather than lose the value of levy already invested in this work. 

You can access cross-sector crop information, that continues to be updated by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds, or find resources from the AHDB livestock sectors, by visiting the main AHDB website.

Navigating this site

This site includes crop and subject themed lists of resources from the horticulture and potatoes home pages providing access to content through browsing by topic. 

Search functions on the Knowledge library or Research reports pages can also help find resources.  The search function works best with short and unique search terms.  Note that search results appear in order of upload rather than chronological order of activity or by how well they match the search term.

Winding down levy funded horticulture and potatoes activity

Some of the key services previously delivered through levy funding have been taken on by other organisations through a robust transfer process endorsed by Defra.  These include:-

For Horticulture:

For Potatoes:  

The Extended Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMUs) and Emergency Authorisation (EA) service.

In line with widespread industry support and funded by a startup grant using surplus Horticulture levy this service is now managed by the industry owned company Horticulture Crop Protection Ltd

Fight against Blight

Now managed by The James Hutton Institute at Fight Against Blight | The James Hutton Institute

Apple Best Practice Guide.

Now hosted by NIAB at Apple Best Practice Guide | NIAB

Love potatoes

Herbs Best Practice Guide

Now hosted by the BHTA British Herbs | Home (bhta.org.uk)


Potato Varieties Database

Now hosted by SASA at Variety Database - Home (agricrops.org)



Grow Your Own Potatoes

Thanks to industry sponsorship the scheme details can now be found at Grow Your Own Potatoes for Primary Schools in England, Wales and Scotland


For transparency the key decisions about former horticulture and potatoes levy funded activities fairly were documented on this website.  A record of this detail can be found here.

Cross-sector resources

Find the current versions of the below resources and guides on the main AHDB website, where they are regularly updated