CP 205 Efficacy trials 2022/23


With the completion of the successful SCEPTRE and SCEPTREplus pesticide and biopesticide efficacy programmes the AHDB EAMUs team commissioned a series or workpackages to continue the flow of supporting data through to the pipeline of EAMU applications underpinning IPM across a range of Horticultural crop production businesses.

 The workpackages commissioned as below address high priority targets across our crop sectors as discussed with the grower associations and technical representatives through the AHDB risk register updating process.

The final reports for these trials will be loaded onto this page as they become available.

Work package Contractor End date

WP1 Bean seed fly on leek

University of Warwick 28/02/2023

WP2 Bean seed fly on legumes

Processors & Growers Research Organisation & University of Warwick 31/12/2022

WP3 Bait sprays to control SWD

NIAB 31/12/2022

WP5 CSFB control on oriental cabbage

University of Warwick 28/02/2023

WP6 Optimising bioprotectants for herbs IPM

NIAB 31/01/2023

WP9 Thrips control in cut flowers

RSK ADAS Ltd 31/12/2022

WP10 Seed treatments for spinach damping-off

RSK ADAS Ltd 17/03/2023

WP11 Powdery mildew control on lettuce

NIAB 31/01/2023

WP12 Pythium IPM for cucumbers

Botany BV 30/11/2022

WP14 Fungal leaf spot control in HNS

RSK ADAS Ltd 31/03/2023

WP15 Bacterial leaf spot control in protected ornamentals

RSK ADAS Ltd 31/03/2023

WP16 Narcissus bulb treatments for Fusarium control

University of Warwick 30/06/2023

WP17 Canker control on pome fruit

NIAB 30/06/2023

WP18 Pre-emergence herbicides for turnip / swede

RSK ADAS Ltd 31/01/2023

WP19 Prevention of storage rots in stone fruit

NIAB 30/10/2022
Project code:
CP 205
01 April 2022 - 30 June 2023