Herbs: Evaluation of herbicides to fill identified gaps, resulting from the EC review of pesticides


New herbicides that were effective for weed control and crop safe for use in umbelliferous and labiate herb crops were identified to potentially replace herbicides being lost following the EC review of pesticides. FV 245 also identified new insecticide and fungicide options for the management of pests and diseases on herbs

Project code:
FV 245, FV 245a, FV 245b
01 January 2002 - 01 June 2006
Project leader:
FV 245: Rosemary Cole, National Herb Centre, Banbury, Oxon. FV 245 a and b: Cathy Knott, Consultant


FV 245 final report FV 245a final report FV 245b final report

About this project

FV 245: Field trials were done to screen herbicide, insecticide and fungicide actives for the control of weeds, pests and diseases of herbs.

FV 245a and b: The project aim was to determine the crop safety of herbicides for the control of annual weeds for the major Umbellifers, parsley and coriander, and the (Lamiacae) Labiate herb basil.