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8 December 2020

How a few easy wins helped save one broccoli producer both time and money

19 March 2021

Find out how our Strategic and Strategic SmartHort Centres share research and development in practice.

6 April 2020

Coronavirus and the challenge of recruiting British workers

17 December 2019

How is data, artificial intelligence and automation changing horticulture production in Canada?

25 November 2019

How have nurseries in the Netherlands embedded automation in their businesses?

4 November 2019

What are the main factors of Lean? A handy reference poster

6 November 2019

Can you grow a crop of tomatoes without anyone entering the glasshouse?

3 June 2020

An induction video for seasonal fruit workers, helping to get the best from your workforce. Also available in Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian.

4 September 2019

AHDB to be knowledge exchange partner for new robotics centre at University of Lincoln

14 August 2019

An exciting technological development in precision field vegetable production was demonstrated at Reading University’s Sonning Farm on 25th July. The new technology – eyeSpot – seeks to make a step-change in weed control for growers by both reducing herbicide usage by up to 95% and by working autonomously, eliminating the need for a sprayer operator.

1 August 2019

Will big machines disappear from agriculture?

30 July 2019

How can playing with Lego boost labour productivity in horticulture?