How to prepare your farm for robotics and automation?

How to prepare your farm for robotics and automation? 

Listen to our 4-series special SmartHort podcast providing you with incredible insight into funding robotics and automation in your business. 

SmartHort Conference isn’t over just yet. The two-day conference created the perfect platform to bring growers, Agri-Tech companies, funding agencies, academics and researchers together to seek news solutions to the labour crisis in horticulture. 

We saw passion, determination and a promising future for our growers and farmers. It assured us that the best innovation is yet to come.

During the conference, we interviewed five people that shared insight into how you could prepare your business for the next steps to overcome labour challenges and to improve efficiency. In the following podcasts you will find out:

  • What are the first steps when investing in robotics and automation?
  • What kind of funding is available to growers and farmers?
  • How have other growers implemented technology within their business?

The four podcasts will host:

  • Jacob Kirwan from G’s
  • Calum Murray from Innovate UK
  • Andrey and Dr Vishuu Mohan from Tiptree and University of Essex
  • Chris Danks from Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

But first, we asked people during the two-day conference, ‘tell us one thing you’d take from the SmartHort Conference’. Find out what they said. 

Jacob Kirwan from G’s Growers

Jacob Kirwan from G’s Growers provides us with a deeper insight into their business. We look at the challenges that G’s Growers have faced and how they have overcome this through some of their current projects on robotics and automation. Most importantly, Jacob discusses the key factors growers should consider before investing large amounts of money in robotics and automation.

Andrey Ivanov from Tiptree and Dr Vishuu Mohan from the University of Essex 

Andrey Ivanov from Tiptree and Dr Vishuu Mohan from the University of Essex discuss in detail about their collaboration for developing a robotic strawberry harvester. Andrey provides a real insight into how he got involved with the University of Essex and Dr Vishuu Mohan answers whether robotics is the future of horticulture.   

Calum Murray from Innovate UK

Funding for robotics and AI isn’t always a cheap process and it’s always best to be prepared. Calum Murray from Innovate UK provides a better understanding of what growers should consider when applying for funding, the process and other factors which growers need to consider before investing, including grants.

Chris Danks from KTN

Chris Danks from KTN explains how they can help growers invest money in innovative projects. He shares a range of advice, support and knowledge about helping your business step into the robotic world.