Publications and research to help you store your crop

Sutton Bridge was the centre for levy-funded storage research and knowledge exchange until 2021. The work was designed to support the industry’s transition from CIPC to storage using alternative solutions. Other work included management of blemish diseases for better quality in the fresh sector,  improved processing quality, energy use and carbon footprinting.

These pages were last updated in January 2022 and the references to approved products (e.g., sprout suppressants or disinfectants) may become out of date. Refer to the HSE Chemicals Regulation Division website for the most recent information. 

Index of levy-funded research reports  

The final reports from levy-funded storage research projects, from 2000 onwards, are available via the index pages below.

Research reports on store management, disease and storage disorders, tuber dormancy, alternative sprout suppressants

Research reports on ethylene and sprout suppression

Research reports on CIPC and sprout suppression

Obtaining stored potato samples for MRL testing

Download guidelines for obtaining stored potato samples