22 May 2024

AHDB Homepage

21 June 2022

How to measure of soil phosphorus, potassium and magensium, pH and soil organic matter

2 March 2023

The Potatoes Board has ended, and the Horticulture Board continues to oversee the wind down of the sector and EAMUs.

22 June 2023

Precision soil and crop growth mapping to improve potato tuber size distribution at harvest

11 March 2022

Access historical information on potato planted area, production and weekly average prices

4 March 2022

Research to understand how potatoes sense their root environment and how this ultimately effects tuber yields.

23 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects & reports on potato agronomy, including cultivations, crop nutrition and irrigation

16 February 2022

Includes sections on potatoes cultivations. Last updated 2020

8 February 2022

Evaluation of the practical benefits of research findings for improving potato production

31 January 2022

Research review (2006) on the aggressiveness of the late blight pathogen

17 February 2022

Trials of trap crops for the control of PCN in potato crops

8 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects & reports on blemish diseases of potatoes