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8 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects & reports on potato storage. Includes energy use, tuber respiration, senescent sweetening and disease management.

20 July 2021

Learn about gasification in the context of biomass CHP, the typical outputs and costs and the pros and cons of gasification.

20 July 2021

A detailed look at biomass combined heat and power (CHP).

20 August 2021

A look at some simple relationships between heating pipe temperature in your glasshouse, kWh of energy used and ultimately cost.

20 August 2021

Read about how to monitor plant temperature to reduce condensation in the glasshouse.

20 August 2021

Read about how to manage humidity in glasshouses

21 July 2021

Read about options for alternative energy sources and heat storage.

Find out more about improvements in lighting in horticulture.

10 March 2022

This project identified areas where energy and water use efficiency might be improved in glasshouse soft fruit production

1 February 2022

Comparing energy use in commercial potato stores (2010)

27 June 2019

This case study summarises the benefits of using StoreCheck, an audit service provided by the AHDB and designed to help understand the true cost of running a store.

5 June 2019

John Swain, FEC Energy, looks at the benefits and drawbacks of vertical farming in horticulture