10 February 2021

Find out what to do if you spot symptoms of Mushroom Virus X in your crops.

2 June 2021

This issue of The Grower explores the EU Exit and impact on pesticides, the evolution of growing media and profiles the work of the horticulture Strategic Centres.

25 January 2021

This issue of The Grower explores cost-effective solutions for weed control in containers and profiles the work of two PhD students taking part in our studentship programme.

8 December 2020

BASF on how working with AHDB helps get their products for minor crops to market

11 February 2021

Brown Cap Mushroom Disease is associated with what we now know as ’Agaricus bisporus Virus 16 (AbV16)’ or ’Brown Cap Mushroom Virus (BCMV)’. This factsheet summarises the biology, causes and control of this disease.

11 February 2021

These provide information on the symptoms, detected and management of Mushroom Virus X

6 June 2022

Learn how to identify and manage bacterial diseases in protected ornamentals and bedding

24 May 2022

Read about how Biobeds offer a safe and efficient method of disposal of pesticides.

23 June 2020

Read the latest technical advice from our GrowSave project

23 June 2020

Our latest Grower addresses the recruitment of British workers, highlights best practice for reducing the risk of food borne illnesses and shares the latest research into alternative controls of apple powdery mildew

7 April 2020

An introduction to British horticulture and shows the diversity of what we grow, and where and how we grow it

7 April 2020

A guide to the 300 edible horticulture crops harvested in Britain