Contents tagged with soft fruit

12 May 2021

Water Efficient Technologies (WET) Centre – Precision technology developments for soft fruit in 2021 webinar

18 January 2021

AHDB’s Scott Raffle is joined by Mark Else and some of the technology providers at the WET Centre for an update on the findings from this year’s work programme.

26 May 2020

The Plum Demonstration Centre – Work Programme for 2020

19 December 2018

A summary of the latest research and developments for soft fruit

13 October 2021

This factsheet provides information on the commonly occurring weed species found in container-grown soft fruit and offers guidance on control strategies.

28 April 2022

The Soft Fruit Review magazine provides the latest progress and research by AHDB in the work towards helping the fruit sector tackle key crop protection issues.

28 April 2022

Conductivity is a useful measurement of total salt content of a soilless substrate and provides growers with an indication of the strength of feed solution within a container grown crop. This factsheet explains what conductivity is and how best to measure and manage it.

28 April 2022

Vine weevil remains a major pest of soft fruit crops. This factsheet gives practical information on the biology and control of vine weevil in soft fruit crops, drawing on results from research funded by AHDB Horticulture and others.