Protected Ornamentals

5 January 2022

This web page hosts the latest guidance from the Insecticide Resistance Action Group (IRAG). The 'Download' button provides background. Scroll down for guidance.

1 June 2022

An easy to use guide to assist growers, supervisors and technical recognise crop issues. 

23 May 2018

Vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) remains the number one pest of container-grown hardy nursery stock. This factsheet provides information on the biology and damage caused by vine weevil adults and larvae and explains the various strategies that can be adopted to control the pest.

23 May 2018

This factsheet provides information on two weevils which were identified as potential threats to the nursery stock industry, providing information on identification and control.

28 September 2021

Recent advances have been made in the knowledge and management of downy mildews, white blisters and species of Phytophthora.

17 February 2022

This factsheet provides information concerning heuchera rust, its probable life cycle, typical plant symptoms and appropriate cultural and chemical control guidelines based on that known for other rust diseases.