Winter protection of soilless substrate grown strawberries

Learn about the risk of winter cold injury occurring in strawberries and the best forms of cold protection.

This information was last updated in 2011.

Action points

When considering whether a crop is at risk, be aware of the following factors that contribute to cold injury:

  • Growing conditions before freezing
  • Crown size, canopy development and, to a lesser extent, variety
  • Freezing duration and temperature
  • Exposure to wind
  • Desiccation of the crown.

In cold, harsh winters, strawberry crops are at risk of cold injury, particularly those grown in soilless substrates in bags and containers.

Strawberry cold injury: Damage

Discover the factors that increase the risk of cold injury damage and whether the damage is critical.

Factors increasing risk of damage

Is the damage critical?

Strawberry cold injury: Effect of weather

The words ‘frost’ and ‘freeze’ are frequently used, but they describe two different types of cold event. Read about the difference on this page.

The effect of weather

Strawberry cold injury: Protection

Learn what practical protection options are available for you.

Protection from cold injury

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