Sustainable fertiliser use in field-grown ornamental crops guide

A useful PCS guide and accompanying poster (see the below link) providing an overview of sustainable fertiliser use.

This helpful guide has been translated from the original publication in agreement with PCS - Ornamental Plant Research, a research station in Destelbergen, Belgium.

Within it, you can find out more about what happens to fertilisers in the soil and understand how to choose the correct fertiliser and method of application, how to adjust soil pH and options for increasing organic matter content. The guide addresses both the requirements for delivering high-quality plant products and the need to minimise fertiliser leaching into the environment. It covers a number of topics including:

  • The importance of nitrogen and phosphorus for plants and the environment
  • Why take a soil sample?
  • How to put fertiliser advice into practice
  • Adjusting the soil pH to the required level
  • Adjusting the organic matter content of the soil to the correct level
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers
  • Applying fertilisers

The accompanying poster provides more detail about the available fertiliser products for use in field-grown ornamental plant production:

Download the sustainable fertiliser use in field-grown ornamental crops poster

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