Mushroom resources

AHDB Horticulture funded an extensive programme of research on many aspects of commercial mushroom production. The available reports and resources are listed below.


Research project M 059: Transfer of mushroom pathogen cultures from liquid nitrogen storage at Warwick University to Fera

Bacterial blotch

Video: Webinar - Detection and control of pathogens causing blotch and green mould in mushroom cultivation

Research project M 063: Identification, detection and control of Pseudomonas species causing different types of bacterial blotch symptoms

Research project M 065: Detection and control of pathogens causing blotch and green mould in mushroom cultivation

Brown cap mushroom virus (BCMV)

Brown cap mushroom virus

Trichoderma aggressivum

Trichoderma aggressivum

Research project M 048: Trichoderma green mould diagnostic assays for improved disease management

Research project M 050: Trichoderma aggressivum f europaeum (Th2) - Epidemiology in bulk Phase 3 systems

Research project M 057: Influence of ammonia during compost pasteurisation and disinfectants on eradication of Trichoderma aggresivum (TH2)

Fungal diseases in mushrooms

Fungal diseases in mushrooms - cobweb, dry bubble, wet bubble

Mushroom virus X (MVX)

Mushroom virus X

Research project M 051: Developing an accurate, quantitative and predictive test for Mushroom Virus X



Controlling exposure to dust and bioaerosols on farms growing common commercial mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)

Research project M 061: Assessing bioaerosol concentrations in mushroom farm packhouses and growing facilities

Chemical disinfection

Use of chemical disinfectants in mushroom production


Research project M 056: Understanding Mushroom Nutrition - project aimed at improving yield, substrate efficiency and utilisation and flavour


Peat and alternative material for mushroom casing

Research project M 053: Developing new sustainable mushroom casings in relation to supply of raw materials and mushroom cropping and quality

Research project M 054: Mushroom casings - screening of microbial populations in relation to mushroom quality

Research project M 055: Desk study/literature review of the potential alternative materials to peat in mushroom casing

Research project M 060: Developing alternatives to peat in casing materials for mushroom production


Mushrooms – Improving spawn-running performance