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AHDB technical experts bring you the latest views and opinions on integrated pest management strategies. The catalogue of regular features, blogs and news, first published on the IPM homepage, will be exploring and analysing the impacts on horticulture crops.

Tackling Japanese flower thrips in protected ornamental and herb crops

19 May 2021

Japanese flower thrips has been confirmed in the UK. Wayne Brough looks at how lessons from the Netherlands may provide answers on how to control this new pest, that can affect ornamental and herb crops.

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Biological control for two-spotted spider mite in raspberry

5 May 2021

Scott Raffle examines whether biological control methods for two-spotted spider mite can be compatible with control options for spotted wing drosophila in raspberry crops.

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Five ways to control western flower thrips in strawberry crops

22 April 2021

Western flower thrips is a significant pest of strawberry crops. While other thrips species are also suspected of damaging the crop, Scott Raffle explains why an effective IPM strategy for western flower thrips is still your best line of defence. 

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Research pressure mounts to control bean seed fly

6 April 2021

Cultivating three weeks before sowing is one option that may help prevent crop damage by bean seed fly, particularly as we lose plant protection products, explains Dawn Teverson.

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Seven tips to prevent, control and detect pear sucker

29 March 2021

Putting natural enemies like anthocorids at the heart of your IPM strategy is essential to prevent and control pear sucker successfully, explains Scott Raffle.

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Phytophthora rot in asparagus – be aware and prepare

24 March 2021

With the UK asparagus season fast approaching, Kim Parker explains how visible symptoms of phytophthora rot are the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and summarises strategies for prevention and control.

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Image of staff member Kim Parker

Kim Parker

Crop protection scientist: Pesticide regulation

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How to use a disease risk prediction model to control strawberry powdery mildew

23 March 2021

Can you reduce your fungicide use and still control strawberry powdery mildew? Scott Raffle outlines how a managed programme using a disease risk model, weather forecasts, and routine mildew monitoring can use half the number of sprays compared to a seven-day fungicide programme.   

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New strategies to control codling and tortrix moths in apple and pear

23 March 2021

How new research could reduce our reliance on spray products to control codling and tortrix moths. It may also prevent the pest overwintering and help avoid new attacks the following year. 

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Preventing Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus: grower perspectives

8 March 2021

Insights and experiences of growers in the UK affected by Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit (ToBRFV). How can this help improve our understanding and control of the virus in the future?

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Image of staff member Nathalie Key

Nathalie Key

Research and Knowledge Exchange Manager

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10 top tips to get to grips with aphids

25 February 2021

Why am I having difficulty controlling aphids in my crop? Lessons from an AHDB webinar

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Predicting when gall mites will emerge from blackcurrant crops

16 February 2021

How our tool helps blackcurrant growers to estimate when gall mite is likely to emerge from overwintering buds.

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How to enhance the ecosystem in your orchard to prevent pests

February 2021

Natural enemies can help to prevent the build-up of tree fruit pests, such as spider and rust mites and aphids. We’ve been exploring ways to boost your orchard's ecosystem to enhance numbers of natural enemies in pear and apple crops.

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The importance of a clean start: seed handling

7 February 2021

The importance of a clean start, in all of our crop sectors, is vitally important. Along with variety selection, it’s one of the fundamentals of an IPM programme. 

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Image of staff member Cathryn Lambourne

Cathryn Lambourne

Crop Protection Senior Scientist: Disease

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IPM strategies for controlling IPM in strawberries

Monday, 1 February 2021

From effective monitoring, natural predators, biological control products and even garlic, Scott Raffle outlines potential ways to control aphid in strawberry crops from our latest research.

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Stopping spotted wing-drosophila: a case study

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Tom Hulme, A C Hulme, explains how he has worked with AHDB to tackle spotted wing drosophila, one of the biggest threats to the UK fruit industry.

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