Contents tagged with seed potatoes

9 December 2021

Research report on soil sampling and diagnostics to detect Rhizoctonia solani (2004)

15 November 2021

Research project to evaluate aphid management options in seed potato crops

12 November 2021

Research repots on the AHDB Potatoes aphid monitoring scheme

23 March 2022

Tips on seed decanting, airflow circulation, and temperature pull down.

22 February 2022

What we know about potato virus and how to monitor and manage aphids

26 November 2021

Guidance on the various steps of seed storage including disease control, wound healing and pull-down, ventilation and minimising damage

17 December 2021

A factsheet to help assess the disease risk of seed potatoes and plan a growth strategy based on tuber treatment

24 March 2022

Research report on the diversity of the pathogen (Spongospora subterranea) causing powdery scab in potatoes

9 February 2022

Research to assess the effects of different seed potato storage and handling practices on ware crop production

23 March 2022

2012 research report on the management of non-persistent viruses in seed potato crops

9 December 2021

Research report on the biology and control of powdery scab in potatoes (2002)

9 December 2021

Powdery scab review: strains, soil properties and conducive conditions