Contents tagged with container-grown

2 November 2021

Learn how to identify and manage bacterial diseases in protected ornamentals and bedding

23 May 2022

This factsheet describes the symptoms, sources and development of botrytis in pot and bedding plants. It details an integrated approach to control the disease in heated glasshouses based on good nursery hygiene, environmental control and appropriate fungicide use.

9 June 2022

This guide considers the current market trends, the cultural requirements of herbaceous crops and the production methods employed.

25 November 2021

This factsheet describes the chemical and physical properties of irrigation water of relevance to ornamental plant production, including bedding plants, pot plants and hardy ornamentals. Water hardness, conductivity levels and a range of potential impurities and their effects are outlined and appropriate corrective measures summarised.

18 November 2021

This factsheet describes the principles and practices of non-chemical weed control in order to help growers develop a more integrated approach to weed control on container-grown hardy nursery stock.

27 August 2020

Project HNS 147 demonstrated that wet heat treatment provides the best alternative to methyl bromide for sterilising plastic pots and containers. This factsheet provides growers with a practical guide on how to achieve wet heat sterilisation.

17 February 2022

This factsheet describes the symptoms caused by these three pathogens, their biology, and provides a management strategy for disease control.

25 November 2021

This factsheet summarises the options available for nutrient provision in container-grown crops - media incorporated, top dressing , water soluble and foliar feeds

18 November 2021

This factsheet describes how water application rates and uniformity can be measured and improved for overhead irrigation systems for hardy nursery stock.

18 November 2021

This factsheet introduces the application of technology for irrigation scheduling in container-grown hardy nursery stock, as well as describing other methods and equipment also available.

13 October 2021

This factsheet provides information on the commonly occurring weed species found in container-grown soft fruit and offers guidance on control strategies.