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28 April 2022

Index of the levy-funded research projects and information on bush fruit.

16 February 2021

How to estimate when gall mites will emerge on blackcurrants for improved IPM

7 March 2022

A review of nutrient requirements of blackcurrant in the UK

25 April 2022

A review of the effects of bark applied nutrient sprays used on blackcurrants in 2020

29 March 2019

Know when to apply control measures using pest modelling and weather data

18 February 2022

Accurately predict when to apply control measures for blackcurrant gall mite

28 April 2022

The AHDB Horticulture Crop Walkers’ Guide for Bush Fruit has been designed specifically as an aid to crop monitoring. It illustrates and describes the important pests, diseases, nutritional and physiological disorders which may be encountered during the crop production process.