PO 019d The Bedding and Pot Plant Centre – new product opportunities for bedding and pot plant growers.


The Bedding and Pot Plant Centre (BPPC) was established in 2014 at Baginton Nurseries, Warwickshire. Between 2014 and 2020 a series of trials were developed and delivered in conjunction with a grower-led management group to provide practical solutions to problems encountered on bedding and pot plant nurseries, and to disseminate information and best practice by a series of publications, workshops, meetings and study tours. The programme continues for a further three years (2020-2023) to focus on :-

  • Crop Protection and IPM

Spray Application

Management of conventional chemistry (crop safety screening of products and integration into programmes 

New Product Development

  • HNS species suitable as bedding / pot plant products

  • Resource Management

Growing Media

Automation study tour of UK Nurseries

Project code:
PO 019d
01 April 2020 - 31 March 2023
AHDB Horticulture
AHDB sector cost:
Total project value:
Project leader:
Jill England, RSK ADAS Limited

About this project

The core objectives for the project are:

1. Phytotoxicity assessments of new products with EAMUs gained for use on protected ornamentals (Theme: Crop protection and IPM)

2. Optimising application water volumes for protected ornamentals (Theme: Crop protection and IPM)

3. Assessment of a range of application equipment and nozzles (Theme: Crop protection and IPM)

4. Programming herbaceous Salvias for production as impact bedding plants (Theme: New product development)

5. Identify and address key nursery cultural practices permitting the adoption of responsibly sourced new growing media blends on bedding and pot plant nurseries (Theme: Resource management)

6. Automation study tour of the UK (Theme: Skills and labour)