Developing Nutrient Management Recommendations for Rhubarb


Summary: This project has been developed in consultation with a consortium of key researchers and growers working across the Rhubarb sector. The work programme focusses on providing recommendations for inclusion in the Nutrient Management Guide (RB209).  Data generation to address current knowledge gaps will be informed by literature review and grower holding nutrient response testing.  Integration of the industry will be key in providing realistic recommendations and the actual impact of any change in nutrient management on marketable yield and the environment at a commercial scale. The work will focus on updating recommendations to drive increases in nutrient use efficiency and marketable yield for growers

Project code:
SF 172
01 April 2019 - 31 March 2023
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About this project

AimThe overarching aim of this project is to produce clear fertiliser recommendations for growers of hardy nursery stock (field and container), protected ornamentals, cut flowers (outdoor and protected) and rhubarb for inclusion in RB209, as complete sections or additional text for existing sections as appropriate. The recommendations will help growers to optimise nutrient management and minimise the environmental impact of their business activities.

The call aims to address three knowledge gaps to i) improve recommendations for specific Horticulture crops or crop types, ii) provide recommendations for nutrition in new growing systems and iii) address crop losses.


1. To update information on nutrition and feeding for rhubarb
2. To determine whether additional feeding of green rhubarb increases yield, quality and season length when pulled multiple times during a season
3. Knowledge exchange to include provision of speakers for AHDB or third parties events throughout the project duration
4. To update relevant sections of the Nutrient Management Guide (RB209)