Poinsettia Tracker

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

A new AHDB funded and BPOA hosted poinsettia graphical tracking tool has just been launched.

Based on industry standard graphs, this tool is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing growers to track growth and record cultural events (like PGR applications and changes to heating set points) that impact plant height, to assist in the management of crop development in relation to retailer product specifications.  Data can also be shared with any one in who has a login.

The poinsettia graphical tracking tool is free to all growers to use on phones, tablets, laptops or PCs or any device that has an internet browser. It has been developed to help support the daily cultural decisions undertaken by growers. Data is presented in easy to understand graphs and will be beneficial to those wishing to understand the implications of decisions or are exploring different options such as how to save energy in poinsettia production.

The AHDB intends that this tool will be developed over time and could be the start of a development programme of practical decision support software for poinsettia growers. Poinsettia Tracker is available for use now via the BPOA website.