Good humidity control in glasshouses: how to achieve better results

Find out how two minor changes to the settings could mean even better results for humidity control

Our initial strategy has worked reasonably well, but some minor changes, shown in the figure below, could make things even better. 

A graph showing a summary of initial climate control setpoints.

Figure 1:

Improvement 1 

Whilst the humidity overnight was reasonable, there were times when things were a bit too close for comfort. Whilst we had avoided the use of minimum pipe settings to save energy this result suggested that some pipe heat might be needed at the critical times. To do this the following minimum pipe settings have been introduced. 

RH % 

RH % Minimum pipe temperature o










Improvement 2 

Because the greenhouse temperature (green) line goes above the ventilation temperature (blue) line it shows that some venting was needed to achieve the target ‘Drop’ temperature. We therefore need to start the reduction in heating earlier. 

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