A review of alternative approaches to aphid control in soft fruit

Why the need for a review?

Soft fruit growers are finding it increasingly difficult to control aphids, particularly close to harvest A gradual loss of effective approved spray products over recent years is the primary reason, coupled with variable success using integrated and biological control methods. This review aimed to identify novel and alternative control methods.

Key Findings

  • Crops in landscapes with a high proportion of semi-natural habitats tend to have lower aphid populations where control by natural enemies tends to be more effective.
  • Small mesh commercial netting products act as a successful physical barrier to reduce aphid numbers in tunnel-grown crops.
  • A commercially available mix of six parasitoid species gives good control of strawberry aphid (Chaetosiphon fragaefolii) in protected crops.
  • Augmented release of multiple parasitoid species can be compatible with the use of certain biopesticides for suppression of aphid populations
  • Sex pheromones could be useful in future control strategies for manipulating parasitoid populations.

This information was last updated in 2020