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4 March 2022

Index of research projects and reports on water management, bruising and common scab in potatoes

16 August 2021

Preventing problems getting onto the nursery is more effective than dealing with any outbreak at a later date.

23 June 2021

Read about using control, containment and counting for an efficient irrigation system.

12 May 2021

Water Efficient Technologies (WET) Centre – Precision technology developments for soft fruit in 2021 webinar

6 June 2022

Learn how to identify and manage bacterial diseases in protected ornamentals and bedding

15 July 2020

Irrigation systems for potato crops - efficiency and cost

15 July 2020

Late-season water management, as the crop begins to senesce, is the essential final phase in an efficient irrigation regime.

23 March 2022

Find out what resources available on potato irrigation, including latest research project results.

11 November 2021

Research report on factors affecting bruising sensitivity at harvest in potatoes

14 June 2022

The Fertigation Bible gives details about existing and innovative technology to make water use more sustainable in horticulture, as well as guidance on subjects such as storage and nutrient addition

8 April 2022

Read this grower guide on slow sand filtration - installation, operation and maintenance