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13 August 2021

Management of thrips on protected ornamentals is best achieved using an integrated control strategy.

16 August 2021

Recognise symptoms of thrips damage on protected ornamental plants.

13 August 2021

Find out how to identify the main thrips species that can damage protected ornamentals.

16 August 2021

Read guidance for the development of effective management programmes for pest thrips species of protected ornamental crops.

1 July 2021

Selection and use of biological control agents in the production of ornamental crops – mites and thrips AHDB webinar looking at: advice for growers from an entomologist on what to use to manage mites and thrips, and hints and tips from a grower who has put IPM into practice using biological control agents

23 May 2022

The onion thrips (Thrips tabaci) is a pest of several crops in the UK, particularly leek, salad onion and stored cabbage. This factsheet is aimed at summarising best available knowledge on biology and control of onion thrips in outdoor crops. It aims to provide guidelines on cultural, chemical and integrated control of thrips.

27 August 2020

This poster shows the range of thrips species which can be found on crops, including images of adults and larvae, diagnostic features and crop damage.

28 April 2022

This review covers the problem of western flower thrips feeding, breeding and damaging the flowers and fruits on strawberry crops, particularly ever-bearers.

11 March 2020

An easy guide to recognising thrips in your crops

22 April 2022

This new AHDB manual takes a closer look at aphids and caterpillars whilst also trying to tackle minor pests such as thrips, wireworms and leatherjackets. Finally the chemical control options are assessed alongside a whole crop IPM strategy.